Everything you need to learn how to easily
(and effectively!) fully embody who you truly are in life + business to drive sustainable results and impact.

for greatness.

You were created

Come experience what the hype is all about for this one of a kind coaching experience. channeled spirit guidance. oracle card pulls. soul centered coaching. transformative. expansive.
life changing.

Divine Embodiment Coaching

I have been there too. I remember the frustration, the loneliness of knowing that I had everything I asked for, yet I felt unfulfilled. 

Maybe you've established a successful business, you have "all the things" but you have a deep sense that something is missing and feels off?

Do you feel like you are missing the true embodiment of what your Soul desires and how to embody your most authentic CEO self?

Have you been in business a while, but are hitting a plateau?

Answer me honestly, here...

You're craving a coach to help you get from where you are to where you want to be 


your working hard but NOT receiving  abundance in your life + business


your life feels out of balance as you've climbed the ladder of success


You're struggling with getting clarity around your vision for your life + business


let me guess, you're frustrated and feeling stuck.

Deep clarity about what your higher self is here to do in life and business.

A map to create sustainable balance in your life that prevents burnout and leverages your divine gifts.

Empowered thinking that shatters old limiting beliefs that once held you back. 

Understanding the value of solid mentorship to help you accomplish your goals. 

I'm talking about a way forward that puts your soul in the drivers seat of your business. Buckle up because you can achieve: 

i'm talking about a whole new way of showing up for your life & business. Because what you're passionate about is not a luxury, it's your divine purpose. 
Here is where you reveal that your divine purpose isn't so out of reach.
it's possible and your birthright. 

Ready for a change?
Hold tight because I've got a ticket to a brand new, divinely inspired ride.

Wondering how you can live out your passions and embody true abundance?

Word on the street is you're ready to swap overwhelm for divine alignment and I'm here to show you how.
Inside this experience you'll learn:

 a coaching guidance experience WHERE together we DIVE DEEP INTO how you can become the most embodied version of you- aka your ticket to alignment, freedom, and abundance.


DIVINE embodiment coaching

This is where you'll create momentum to dissolve illusion of obstacles, build up confidence and take sustainable action in your life and business for success!


Here is where we will create a blueprint for alignment and help map out steps to take you from where  you are to where you long to be!


We will start off by getting  deep seeded clarity about your desired format of business, life, and more!


What's Included
Plus these extras

That's not all, when you join the program you'll also receive these bonuses:

 We'll create rituals that embody your mission & help you stay connected.

Unlocking abundance through execution of your divine mission & birthing your desires.

stage four

Embodying your Divinity


Next we choose an actions to transform current circumstances into future opportunities

Using your souls desires to stay in 
 alignment with your higher self & purpose

stage three

Action Alignment


Then we will determine your current circumstances & illusion of "obstacles"

Creating strategies to overcome each one for alignment with your divine purpose.

stage two

The Obstacle is the way


Here we will uncover  your deepest souls calling & outline your divine mission.

Identifying in detail your desires,
how you want to live & earn wealth. 

stage one

Soul Mission


valued at $99

After each session, you'll have 24 hours of LIVE! access to my guidance via Voxer. Use this time to followup on any immediate questions that might come up or implementation obstacles that you encounter. 

24 hours Live! Voxer Coaching 

valued at $133

After each recorded session you'll get emailed insights,
channeled guidance,  Journaling prompts to deepen your exploration,
Mantras to overcome "obstacles" & Meditations to reconnect with your higher self.

Homework assignments for self-help tools

valued at $220

As we explore your soul work,  I often channel guidance from your Spirit Guides. We use these messages to help deepen our work & target areas where your desires are not being honored through your actions.

Channeled Guidance

"Souls are not one size fits all and neither can your coaching guidance be."

A direct line to my guidance through this virtual high-touch coaching container. 


PRIVATE coaching

so, are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? 

One Month of Weekly 1:1 60 min sessions to help you get aligned & embodied in your desires

30 Day group coaching intensive focused on creating
MASSIVE results


Client Love

"Working with Daphny has lit a fire under me, I'm so inspired!"

Client Love

"Daphny's products are absolutely breathtaking! I'm in awe of her talent. I'm still taking in the beauty of my order!"

Client Love 

"I'm so thankful for Daphny's Divine Business support! I can clearly see what my time is worth now. I have raised my rates and I know what I deserve!"

SOULFUL ceo, sculptress of roses, spiritual coach, and energy healer who is here to help others manifest their deepest desires for their life + business

I'm Daphny! A Mama in business who brings the Soul to the table.

Daphny Lauren



If you're ready to get clarity around your deepest desires and obstacles keeping you from getting there, keep reading...

If you're ready to view your life and business through a refreshing lens with your passions and soul at the center...

 Lastly, if you're ready for momentum that will dissolve illusion of obstacles and build up confidence so you can take sustainable action in your life and business for success...

and my promise to you? 

sustainable clarity & Momentum.

Mary gained the confidence to share her gifts & now teaches weekly.

Jill made back her investment in one week with soul aligned pricing.  

Sheila doubled her clientele & profits in one month thru Mission Clarity

Amy started her dream business & in 6 weeks quit her corporate job.

This could be you

dozens of other business owners have snagged their one-way ticket to divine embodiment, will you?

I understand The "business stuff" in a vacuum isn’t enough to be a successful entrepreneur. It takes clarity in: your desires, values, mission & boundaries

i have experienced life and career changing transformation with my signature blueprint for embodiment

with my previous overdose of corporate experience, I have a good understanding of what imbalance looks like.

I developed my "financial brain" first, and "spiritual brain" second- now I offer full use of both as a coach

In just one session, you may begin to see major shifts in how you show up in your life & business.

Your business should honor your self so fully
that running it feels like getting paid for living your best life.

 This program is different because:

Divine Embodiment Coaching is like no other program. It's unique approach will help you achieve game-changing results without the hustle.


Ask Daphny Anything!

No prior spirituality or practice is needed to experience my coaching guidance.
 In session,  we will explore your unique breadcrumb trail of joy-producing passions to uncover your soul mission. Your divinity is never in question and your success is just a matter of alignment. 

what if i'm not a spiritual or religious person?

No. While the core values of the Rose are woven into all my practices,
Oracle Healings must be scheduled separately.

Is ROSE oracle healing provided during 
 Divine Embodiment sessions?

I'm a "live your best life" coach. My best life includes being a business owner & Mom but that doesn't have to be you! I help you uncover what "your best self" means for YOU. We explore your deepest desires & create a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. I have all the soulful & financial tools to help you build whatever your soul desires.

are you a life or a business coach?

 Money is an essential part of success in business and in life.
Our relationship with money determines how much abundance is available for us.
I provide financial guidance, pricing tools and money mindset strategies
to help you unlock abundance from the root.

DO you offer financial guidance?

Are you ready?

You are unwilling to get uncomfortable and dive deep to learn about yourself in a new  way.

You are just looking to make more $$$ and that’s it (p.s... making $$$ is a by product of being aligned with your goal/desires).

You are not spiritually aware or distrust energy that abundance is your birthright.

This program is for brave divine souls. It's not right for you if:

want to live your best life and want it right now.

ready to uncover your deepest passions and express them fully.

Ready to do what you love & get paid a  lot of money for it.

This program is right for you if you're ready to stop dreaming and start doing.

You're in the right place if you are:

These soulful business owners took a chance
Will you? 

Client Love

"I am in awe of the transformation that has taken place over just 4 weeks of working with you"

Embodiment is the tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling and the root of my coaching practice. Spirituality  very much belongs in entrepreneurship and this is why... You are a divine spirit having a physical earthly human experience. Trying to keep that separate is asking a tree not to get dirty as it roots in the soil. It’s not enough to talk the talk or walk the walk, you have to Live the Life. Spiritual business coaching works with the whole self - mind, body, soul for earthly financial success!

Your Divine Embodiment Journey awaits you...

buckle up divine soul

"Souls are not one size fits all and neither can your coaching guidance be."

A direct line to my guidance through this virtual high-touch coaching container. 

or $777/3 months

Voxer Only Coaching


Weekly 1:1 60 min sessions to help you get aligned & embodied.

or $2,000/month

1 Session or 4 Sessions

best value

so, are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? 

Welcome friend! I'm your fave embodiment guide & creative. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

Daphny Lauren